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- The Spengler Heritage '84 Proton Pack -

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The most faithful recreation of a Proton Pack to ever hit the market!

Introducing our 'Spengler Heritage 84' Proton Pack.

Comprising of screen used lineage parts, metal pack components & wand with screen matched details. Many hours were spent pouring over reference photos of the screen used Harold Ramis 'Hero' Proton Pack and cross referenced with the very best fan builds ever made to give us the tools and talent to produce a hyper accurate, faithful replica of the Egon Spengler 1984 Ghostbusters Proton Pack.

Proton Pack:
• Cast from screen used shell, bumper, N-filter and booster frame
• Aluminium pack parts inc. Ion arm, beam line, filler tube, HGA, vacuum line & more
• Genuine vintage R701 clippard valve & brass fittings
• Fincher ribbon cable 
• LC1 Alice frame & pads
• Highly detailed screen accurate labels & transfers inc. double layer N filter label
• Spengler style charging plate with vintage power switch 
• Flat bar weld from booster to Ion Arm faithfully recreated
• Custom correct speed cyclotron lights mounted on perf board

Neutrona Wand:
• Full aluminium Neutrona wand
• All metal components, gun rail, knobs, side discs & cylinders
• Pop Mechanism & vintage flash bulb
• Genuine vintage R701 Clippard vale
• Replica Wamco bar graph
• Twist barrel
• Arcolectric lenses

This replica prop is for the purists and as close to owning a screen used Proton Pack as you'll get. The pack is perfectly finished off with screen accurate weathering to make it look like it was lifted off set back in '84. It's ready to wear out the box, the volume is controlled from the crank knob and also has a customisable play list of songs.

 Please contact us via the contact form to discuss ordering.

This is a custom order commission and not an ‘in-stock’ off the shelf product so please be aware of this at the point of ordering, lead times will vary so please contact us to discuss ordering. We are not Amazon, we are artisans and art takes time.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, some items are often very hard to source and are in extremely limited supply, so this can take extended amounts of time to fulfil the order, however we are confident we can source these parts in a timely fashion to complete commissions. Images shown are of demo model, final item may differ slightly.


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Care Instructions

The Proton Pack is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keith Lemon -

    "Proton Props do THE best replica Proton Pack I've ever seen! Comes with more audio delights than I expected, all the lights, smoke, whistles and bells - literally! It's like having a piece of the film in your own gaff. It's a proper piece of kit, super detailed and I love it to bits. Salute to Proton Props for making my Ghostbusters dreams come true, David is a top guy."

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