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- The '24 Proton Pack -

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Coming in cold... it's The Frozen Empire Proton Pack!

The Proton Props '24 Proton Pack comes fully kitted out with many new upgrades ready to bust anything that comes your way!

Starting from the bottom up, this pack was created using a Mack's Factory idealised shell; the exact same proton pack shells that were used by the prop team on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. The shell has been modified to match the new onscreen packs with the powercell hazard striping.

It comes with the fresh new 3 armed yellow bumper and short stack bellows, and again we've used the exact same products as the prop team on set. Boasting some other new awesome upgrades including the wiring terminal block, adjusted ion arm with power up switch, updated cable strain reliefs, screen matched Clippard panel wiring and more!

The Neutrona Wand has a totally new look including the yellow side panel, front pistol grip and barrel cage. The wand has been assembled as per the on set packs using Mack's Factory knobs, side discs & aluminium trigger tip. The wand comes loaded with a front barrel pop mech and a high powered LED flash bulb.

As for the internals, this pack is busting at the seams with a very special sound and light set up that can not only do the Frozen Empire style lighting sequence, but at the flick of a switch can also offer the '84 cyclotron style lighting sequence. Also pushing serious volume with a 6x9" speaker, you'll be heard over the hustle and bustle of a convention hall... or a demon bringing in a new ice age!

The pack is perfectly finished with Mack's Factory labels & dry rub decals, matching the on screen packs down to the finest detail.


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Care Instructions

The Proton Pack is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keith Lemon -

    "Proton Props do THE best replica Proton Pack I've ever seen! Comes with more audio delights than I expected, all the lights, smoke, whistles and bells - literally! It's like having a piece of the film in your own gaff. It's a proper piece of kit, super detailed and I love it to bits. Salute to Proton Props for making my Ghostbusters dreams come true, David is a top guy."

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