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- The '21 Proton Pack -

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Our 1:1 scale Ghostbusters: Afterlife Proton Pack comes fully finished and ready to wear out the box. Loaded with genuine & vintage parts, screen accurate detailing, metal features, accurate lighting and sound from the movie all topped off with screen matched weathering!

Our '21 Proton Pack is here and its ready to bust some Munchers! Comprising of resin & fibreglass shell, with highly detailed resin parts all customised to match the on screen pieces. Using genuine vintage resistors, real Clippard valve and additional 'Afterlife' features including strain reliefs, cannon plug connector, additional wiring, ion arm to booster tube filler and plate weld, correct SMC elbows, breather hose and much more! It also comes fitted with a smoke system so when the pack goes into ‘overheat’ function smoke fires from the N Filter! The pack comes fitted to a genuine Alice frame with foam padding and screen accurate strapping.

The Neutrona wand comes with all metal knobs & front and rear cylinders, real Clippard valve custom shotgun grip, rear handle grip tape, aluminium heat sink, pop mech and loaded with screen accurate flash bulb which is custom wired to output at 24v making it blindingly bright.

The pack is fully fitted out with screen accurate spinning cyclotron light and screen matched operational sequence with HD sounds stripped directly from the movie, all pumped through a 400w 6x9"speaker.

Beautifully finished off with aluminium labels & screen matched weathering, this is the ultimate Ghostbusters: Afterlife Proton Pack replica.

And yes, we are aware this is more expensive than a HasLabs pack... why is that? Well, this is a hyper accurate prop replica that has been made using the same techniques & processes, and features many of the same real parts as the screen used packs. These replicas are lovingly created by an artisan prop builder in a workshop in the countryside using the best parts available. We've spent countless hours on research & strive for perfection to deliver some the best props on the market and the best Proton Packs available, giving you a sense of owning a piece of film history and a piece of wearable art. This is not a plastic toy stamped from a Chinese factory in its thousands.

These will be made in very limited quantities, when it's shown as 'in stock' on the website this means we have an available slot for a commission, so if you're considering it don't hang about!


PLEASE NOTE; We are Artisans.These are custom made commissioned prop replicas and not a 'stock item'. These are created maintaining the highest build standards throughout to ensure satisfaction in your purchase. By the nature of using only the very best items available on the market for our commissions and vintage pieces, build times may vary depending on availability of parts etc. but we estimate approx 26 weeks from point of order. If this differs we will contact you, but we maintain regular contact keeping you updated with the progress of your build.


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Care Instructions

The Proton Pack is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keith Lemon -

    "Proton Props do THE best replica Proton Pack I've ever seen! Comes with more audio delights than I expected, all the lights, smoke, whistles and bells - literally! It's like having a piece of the film in your own gaff. It's a proper piece of kit, super detailed and I love it to bits. Salute to Proton Props for making my Ghostbusters dreams come true, David is a top guy."

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