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- Proton Pack Custom Pink Edition -

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Our 1:1 full scale Pink Edition Proton Pack replica features full light and movie sounds with machined metal features, genuine parts, screen accurate detailing and finishings replicating the Ghostbusters Proton Packs but with a twist!

Built using the new Proton Props 'Nuclear Accelerator' shell, it boasts a sturdy construction of fibreglass with resin top coat giving a highly durable foundation to your pack with a crisp texture & screen accurate detailing. It comes mounted to a laser cut aluminium motherboard and attached to a genuine vintage Alice frame with a set of custom pink straps. It boasts a selection of highly detailed resin, machined metal parts and details attached with industrial grade fixings to ensure a quality finish. Featuring screen accurate decals with metal labels and dry rub transfers, high quality tubing and hoses, and real Clippard valve. Masterfully finished with a beautiful custom pattern ribbon cable, exclusively from the manufacturers that provided ribbon cables for the Ghostbusters: Afterlife on screen proton packs. 

Including a neutrona wand with aluminium knobs, side discs and heat sink. With white resin cast grips, a genuine Clippard valve, all working hat lights, bar graph and switches. Boasting a front twist grip to really capture the true essence of the '84 Proton Packs, making it feel more than just a replica.

Your pack will have the nostalgic movie accurate sounds including pack start up, proton stream fire and shut down, idle hum, overheat and much more including modes from the Ghostbusters Video Game. It also comes fully loaded with 'party mode' featuring lights flashing to the music and a customisable soundtrack with music from both movies. Your pack is brought to life from a high powered rechargeable lithium ion battery that will last weeks on a single charge and can be plugged straight into a power outlet directly off the pack for your convenience.
The '84 Proton Pack has options of additional upgrades including;

Smoke Effects: By either releasing a dry vent or firing off the proton stream for too long and going into overheat mode, the Proton Pack will billow smoke from N Filter vents with the scent of our very own Proton Props ‘Toasted Puft Marshmallow'.

Charge Plate:  Your power switch and charging input mounted to a screen accurate aluminium plate, loaded with the correct 4 pin soundcraft XLR.

PLEASE NOTE; We are artisans, not Amazon.These are custom made commissioned prop replicas and not a 'stock item'. These are made to your choice of specifications, maintaining the highest build standards throughout to ensure satisfaction in your purchase. By the nature of using only the very best items available on the market for our commissions, build times may vary depending on availability of parts etc. but will usually be around 18 - 20 weeks from point of order. If this differ's we will contact you, but we maintain regular contact keeping you updated with the progress of your build.


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Care Instructions

The Proton Pack is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keith Lemon -

    "Proton Props do THE best replica Proton Pack I've ever seen! Comes with more audio delights than I expected, all the lights, smoke, whistles and bells - literally! It's like having a piece of the film in your own gaff. It's a proper piece of kit, super detailed and I love it to bits. Salute to Proton Props for making my Ghostbusters dreams come true, David is a top guy."

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