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Charging Plate

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Aluminium Proton Pack charge plate assembled ready to attach to your Proton Pack to give it the screen accurate touch.

Please select which model you would prefer.

Additional options are if you would like correct 4pin switchcraft XLR input & wired 12v charging port. Attaching bolts included.

Spengler - Cut out on lower plate to match Egon's charging plate.

Venkman - No cut out on lower plate to match Peter's charging plate.

Some additional drilling may be required. Pilot holes will be drilled, so these may need to be made a touch larger to fit your choice of additional switches/hardware.


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Care Instructions

The Proton Pack is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keith Lemon -

    "Proton Props do THE best replica Proton Pack I've ever seen! Comes with more audio delights than I expected, all the lights, smoke, whistles and bells - literally! It's like having a piece of the film in your own gaff. It's a proper piece of kit, super detailed and I love it to bits. Salute to Proton Props for making my Ghostbusters dreams come true, David is a top guy."

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